To make your lucky charm


過去人們從土地,自然,動物中尋找象徵,如代表長壽的桃子,祈求平安的花瓶,掛在牆上的ㄧ束稻草代表著新年的好運, 我們搜集著這些屬於海島的地方故事與圖騰符碼, 並揉合這些老符號,融入織物的柔軟語言裡。 Lucky charm中文的意思是護身符或幸運物,這也代表著一個親密的關係, 把一個你覺得最好的東西送給你最親近與心愛的人,也是創作者的初衷。


 In the Chinese tradition, the concept of auspiciousness is associated with well-being and happiness, which constitutes a unique element within Chinese art. Jialing has been using these motifs as a language system and has collected 12 motifs, during her research, which she has developed into textile printing patterns. By transforming them into a modern and more abstract silhouette, Jialing hopes the old lucky symbols bring good fortune to our daily lives.